Extrogen Unit

The company has the ability to produce a variety of proprietary industrial profiles in areas such as construction, doors and windows, shutters, electrical and electronics, military industries, etc. up to 36 meters in length and 20 cm in diameter and responds to a wide range of customer requirements for aluminum sections.

The company has 5 extrusion presses in different capacities from 1800 to 22000 extruded types of aluminum alloys in different alloy groups. The bed has.

These production lines are equipped with an automated table that prevents the abrasion of aluminum profiles during extrusion by the press table and at the end of the profiles passes the sticky label stage and the polypropylene protective layer with the company logo and logo to prevent any scratches and scratches Draws on profiles. The above process is performed with the utmost care and with the supervision of experienced experts and the final product is delivered in excellent quality to customers.

Our Clients

The honor of working with employers and owners of reputable projects in the country’s construction, industrial and commercial fields

Yekta Aluminium Pars

This company manufactures various types of proprietary, industrial and construction sections with the ability to produce 5 tons of aluminum sections and alloy shafts from 1 to 6 series daily.


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