Moulding Unit

In the engineering design unit of Yekta Aluminum Pars, 3D design and modeling software is used to enlarge extrusion press molding orders, and the final mold is virtualized and manufactured in a computer environment before production.

Obviously, this method is far more accurate and faster than the old molding method and will be ready for use in very little time. Molds are specially shipped on request upon customer’s request for hard work, which can be extended by up to 10 times with the best plasma nitrogen hardening method.

Our Clients

The honor of working with employers and owners of reputable projects in the country’s construction, industrial and commercial fields

Yekta Aluminium Pars

This company manufactures various types of proprietary, industrial and construction sections with the ability to produce 5 tons of aluminum sections and alloy shafts from 1 to 6 series daily.


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