Warehouse Unit

Warehousing and warehousing are the most important parts of an organization or company because a large part of the assets of the organizations is accumulated in their warehouses.

Warehouse inventories should be kept in a secure and orderly manner and accessible so that they can be easily accessed when necessary. The type and quantity of materials and the minimum and maximum inventory of each item as well as the point of order of the material must be kept in constant consideration.

Warehouse management, of course, is difficult and costly, and any company or organization is looking to reduce warehousing costs to maximize efficiency and profitability.

Our Clients

The honor of working with employers and owners of reputable projects in the country’s construction, industrial and commercial fields

Yekta Aluminium Pars

This company manufactures various types of proprietary, industrial and construction sections with the ability to produce 5 tons of aluminum sections and alloy shafts from 1 to 6 series daily.


  • Kaveh St, 7th km of Tehran road
  • (086)34131001-5
  • (086) 34131006
  • @altecplast