Our Products

Yekta Aluminium Pars Co. with up-to-date knowledge and technical knowledge of the entire production process, along with careful monitoring from the Billet stage to the production of various types of proprietary, industrial and construction sections

Normal Proprietary Parts

Manufacturer of normal proprietary parts in various types of the highest quality

Bladed Shutters

Manufacturer of shutters in different types of highest quality

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In-Progress Project

Our Services

Yekta Aluminium Pars Co. has installed electrostatic aluminum profile painting line in order to improve customer satisfaction and provide high quality products. This method, while keeping in mind the environmental requirements and avoiding environmental pollution, provides a perfectly uniform coloring quality throughout the surface of the parts and has an extremely high adhesion and durability

Our Clients

The honor of working with employers and owners of reputable projects in the country’s construction, industrial and commercial fields

Yekta Aluminium Pars

This company manufactures various types of proprietary, industrial and construction sections with the ability to produce 5 tons of aluminum sections and alloy shafts from 1 to 6 series daily.


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