Powder Color Unit

This unit is one of the most prestigious paint line makers in Turkey with one of the most well-known aluminum paint sprayers. It can cover two different colors at the same time and has the ability to paint up to 5 meters in length.

One of the most common methods of coating aluminum products in Iran in recent years is the use of polymer composites by electrostatic spraying of polyester powders on surfaces and processing of powders by heat furnaces at temperatures of 2 to 5 ° C. Due to the infinite variety of colors and powder designs, this way you can meet any customer’s need in choosing their preferred color.

  • Equipped with fat and phosphate system
  • Coloring small parts to large and heavy parts at high speed

  • Paint sample pieces even one number as soon as possible

Our Clients

The honor of working with employers and owners of reputable projects in the country’s construction, industrial and commercial fields

Yekta Aluminium Pars

This company manufactures various types of proprietary, industrial and construction sections with the ability to produce 5 tons of aluminum sections and alloy shafts from 1 to 6 series daily.


  • Kaveh St, 7th km of Tehran road
  • (086)34131001-5
  • (086) 34131006
  • @altecplast